Kabax is a 100% Yucatecan company, who offer handcrafted products made from Yucatán chile habanero.  Our specialty is Chile Habanero from the Yucatán Peninsula whit “Designation of Origin”.  Kabax creates products that it’s essence is the culture and made with fresh and natural ingredients to give you an authentic taste.  


Asa startup company, Kabax has many design issues which include both their logo and website. The current logo has no conceptual style, and visually portrays a habanero chile in the form of a heart. The logo also incorporates the name in sans-serif font which has no style in relation to the company’s beliefs.  


For Kabax, our goal is to expand the brand identity into a conceptual idea that stays true to their values and beliefs. Valuing heritage and tradition, can help elaborate the beauty, fresh and nature of the Mayan culture in relationship to the hot sauce.